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Child Bite - American Hardcore Covers 7" set


Four of Detroit's finest heavy hitters (Child Bite, Golden Torso, Old Gods and Hellmouth) cover American Hardcore classics by the likes of Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Minor Threat & Bad Brains on four different 7"s. Limited edition and with silk screened covers.

All proceeds go to benefit Detroit's alternativesforgirls.org !!!

1. Demonomaniacs: Four Misfits Songs (Black Vinyl)
Side A.
Hellmouth: Devilock/Wolf's Blood
Golden Torso: Angel Fuck/Spinal Remains
Side B.
Child Bite: Earth AD/We Bite
Old Gods: Death Comes Ripping

2. Chickenshit Conformists: Four Dead Kennedys Songs (Black Vinyl)
Side A.
Child Bite: Advice From Christmas Past/Police Truck
Hellmouth: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Side B.
Golden Torso: Too Drunk to Fuck
Old Gods: Drug Me

3. Gods of Love: Four Bad Brains Songs (Grey Vinyl)
Side A.
Golden Torso: The Big Take Over
Hellmouth: Pay to Cum
Side B.
Old Gods: The Regulator
Child Bite: I Against I/Jam

4. Flexed Heads: Four Minor Threat Songs (White Vinyl)
Side A.
Hellmouth: Seeing Red
Child Bite: Guilty of Being White/It Follows
Side B.
Old Gods: Out of Step
Golden Torso: I Don't Wanna Hear it/Straight Edge/Small Man Big Mouth