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Child Bite - American Hardcore Covers 7" set

$25.00 / Sold Out

Four of Detroit's finest heavy hitters (Child Bite, Golden Torso, Old Gods and Hellmouth) cover American Hardcore classics by the likes of Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Minor Threat & Bad Brains on four different 7"s. Limited edition and with silk screened covers.

All proceeds go to benefit Detroit's alternativesforgirls.org !!!

1. Demonomaniacs: Four Misfits Songs (Black Vinyl)
Side A.
Hellmouth: Devilock/Wolf's Blood
Golden Torso: Angel Fuck/Spinal Remains
Side B.
Child Bite: Earth AD/We Bite
Old Gods: Death Comes Ripping

2. Chickenshit Conformists: Four Dead Kennedys Songs (Black Vinyl)
Side A.
Child Bite: Advice From Christmas Past/Police Truck
Hellmouth: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Side B.
Golden Torso: Too Drunk to Fuck
Old Gods: Drug Me

3. Gods of Love: Four Bad Brains Songs (Grey Vinyl)
Side A.
Golden Torso: The Big Take Over
Hellmouth: Pay to Cum
Side B.
Old Gods: The Regulator
Child Bite: I Against I/Jam

4. Flexed Heads: Four Minor Threat Songs (White Vinyl)
Side A.
Hellmouth: Seeing Red
Child Bite: Guilty of Being White/It Follows
Side B.
Old Gods: Out of Step
Golden Torso: I Don't Wanna Hear it/Straight Edge/Small Man Big Mouth